A couple of important notes: As with all cooking items, please make sure to wash the unit in soapy water or dishwasher prior to 1st time use in order to remove any residues left over from the manufacturing process. You can refer to the Instruction sheet to make crispy bacon as well, but here’s how it works below…Simply:


  1. Detach Lid from Cup by pressing black Keys down.
  2. Lift Lid with cooking Rack attached. If Lid is already detached from Rack go to Step 4.
  3. Separate Lid from cooking Rack by rotating Lid so that the single small round marker (on top) is aligned with the longer slides at the top of Rack. You will see how Lid can be lifted up to detach.
  4. Load bacon onto Rack, fat side facing in


  1. Attach Lid to Rack by aligning the single round marker (on top of lid) with the longer slides at the top of Rack. Rotate Lid so that the 3 round markers (on top of lid) are aligned with the longer slides at the top of Rack.

  1. Lift the attached Lid & Rack and place in broiler Cup.
  2. Attach Lid & Rack to Cup by pressing black keys up. Place Cooker in microwave.
  3. For 6 regular sliced bacon:  800W – 5 minutes, 1000W – 4 minutes, 1300W 3 minutes.

We recommend checking the bacon after 2 minutes then after 30 sec intervals the first few uses to ensure the bacon is cooked to your liking. Six slices of regular national brand retail bacon should take 3-4 minutes. For thicker bacon add a minute or two. If you cook less than 6 slices, cooking time is reduced. Cooking time is very important because cooking the bacon too long can eliminate all moisture and the unit will be damaged.


  1. Remove Cooker from microwave, detach Lid, lift Lid & Rack and separate Lid from Rack to expose cooked bacon.
  2. Remove Bacon – If some of the bacon slices have stuck to one another, they can be easily separated by running a fork or knife between the pieces.

  1. Wait 30 seconds – remove bacon from rack and unfold onto plate or leave folded – wait another 30 seconds and Enjoy…NO PAPER TOWELS!!!


  1. Oh…but wait…where’s the grease? Look at the bottom of the Cup…it’s all there waiting for you to dispose of it in a easy and convenient way. Note…no need for wads of paper towels! EMPTY BACON DRIPPINGS OUT OF THE CUP AFTER EACH COOK BATCH. DO NOT LEAVE DRIPPINGS IN CUP AND ADD MORE BACON TO COOK


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