Not really. A larger unit would, at this point, not guarantee perfectly cooked bacon. After much testing, our team has determined that cooking six strips of bacon in a completely enclosed cooker produces the most consistent results.

If you need larger quantities of bacon the answer is to use two WowBacon cookers. While one is in the microwave cooking the other is being unloaded and reloaded. As one cooker comes out the other goes in and in less than 12 minutes you can have a pound of deliciously crispy bacon!

The time it will take to cook your bacon depends on:

  1. The power of your microwave. Always set it at maximum power.
  2. The number of bacon strips being cooked
  3. The cut of bacon. Regular cut is 18 – 22 strips /lb

Thick cut is 9 – 11 strips /lb

  1. When cooking crispy bacon use the following as a guide:

1000 watt oven try 30 (sec/strip) for regular cut or 45 (sec/strip) for thick cut

This is a starting point and depending upon the wattage of your microwave you must adjust accordingly to your desired crispiness. We suggest checking your bacon after about 80% of the time has lapsed, or at about 2 mins. when you first try your cooker. Press the oven stop button, remove the unit, flip the keys down, and lift the lid a couple of inches. If not done close the lid, secure the clips and return to the microwave, and press the start button for a little more cooking. Follow this procedure as often as necessary but we are confident you will quickly be able to accurately judge the correct preset time.

No. It is essentially the water content of the fat in bacon that attracts the microwave energy to it. As the bacon cooks, the water leaves the bacon as steam (effervesces) and liquid fat runs down the sides of the cup. It is true that this process will take place initially faster in a thinner strip. However, as the water leaves the fat, the remaining fat tissue becomes more and more transparent to the microwaves, causing its temperature to fall while the thicker strips are still fully broiling. It is this self correcting action that allows a combination of thick and thin strips to be cooked together. Of course, the preset time is a compromise based on the mix. The full length vanes of the WowBacon® Rack are essential to achieving uniformity of cooking.

Yes that is possible but we highly recommend placing on every other rack vane to prevent the possibility of sticking to the adjacent strips. Don’t expect to be able to separate the broiled strips.

If you forgot to empty the cup contents after cooking the previous batch of bacon, press the microwave Stop button, remove the Broiler, empty the contents and continue the process by pressing the Start button. The interruption will not have affected the time remaining.If you are nearing the end of cooking six strips of high fat content, thick-sliced bacon it is normal to hear some thumping noises, but as long as you started with an empty cup, everything should be okay.

No. A thin film of viscous food grade grease is applied to one of the cups during production. It acts as an air seal. Sometimes after a period of time some of this grease migrates to the top of the joint. It is harmless, does not stain and may simply be wiped off.

You sure can. As the Instructions show, turn Key to be removed so tab (or locking) end extends farthest distance from Lid. Squeeze two split halves at far end of Key Shaft together while pushing it through the Lid Extension as you pull on other end until Key comes free. Now repeat for other Key. Then insert 1st Key into Lid extension 2nd Key came from; repeat for 2nd Key. Check task by noticing how Keys now engage underside of rim of Lid. Extensions pointing inward on bottom of Tabs limit the Keys upward motion.

CAUTION: As stated in most microwave manuals: “Do not operate this oven unless food or water is present to absorb the microwave energy. Your oven could be damaged.”

Always set the cooking time consistent with the type and quantity of bacon being prepared.


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