What’s So Good About This Product?

  1.  Don”t use your frying pan! You can now get that great frying pan taste without the messy splatter.
  2.  So easy to use….After only a few tries, just about anyone can do it, even in the dark.
  3.  Fits 95% of standard-sized microwave ovens. May be tilted to get it in. Requires 7 1⁄4” inside.
  4.  It is the ONLY totally enclosed microwave bacon cooker on the market.
  5.  Experience the enjoyment of bacon without ever having to use towels to clean up all that grease.
  6.  Get crispy bacon with the fat dripping down to the bottom.
  7.  If you use those precious drippings for cooking it’s all in the bottom of the cup ready to use or store.
  8.  Dishwasher safe or rinse in hot water.
  9.  Take advantage of the bargains always being offered. Use any type or cut of bacon: thick or regular sliced, standard or low-sodium, hickory or apple smoked and brown sugar or maple flavored.


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